Digital Camera

Just recently purchased a digital camera. Decided on a Minolta A1.

Would have liked a point-and-shoot model, but they are too slow. Even the A1 is barely acceptable speed wise and it is significantly faster than all the point-and-shoot versions.

By slow, I mean the lag from when you push the shutter to when the picture is taken. How long it takes to focus. How long it takes to turn on. How long it takes to store a picture.

The A1 isn’t perfect, but it is quite good. It also has a very good, wide and long zoom on it. 28-200mm in 35mm equivalent, whereas most point-and-shoots are 35-110mm.

So far, we’re quite happy with it. Wish it’s built in flash was stronger, so we may have to purchase an external flash, but at least we have the option.

Also, it’s a bit larger than we would like, but we didn’t notice it too much when we were on vacation recently.