Photo Organization

Started looking at various methods of organizing photos. I want a program that allows me to categorize my images, archive them to CD if required, and generate a web gallery. I want to have total control over the output from the Web Gallery.

Looked at a few. Adobe Photo Album, JASC Photo Album, and a few others. Decided to buy IMatch by

I decided to go with IMatch because of its flexibility. It isn’t the prettiest, or the easiest to use (not that it’s hard), but it is very powerful and customizable. The scripting language allows you to do most anything you want, and the user community is also very good. It uses scripts for generating web galleries, so I was able to customize it to fit my web page requirements. Now I can generate the pages for my web gallery and not have to do anything to them afterwards.

Very well setup for categorizing images. Supports IPTC and EXIF information. User-defined properties for associating whatever information you want with an image. And a reasonable price too ($49.95 US right now).

It also recognizes and displays the various RAW formats used by the manufacturers, and he’s quick to provide support for new cameras.