EAC - Exact Audio Copy


An excellent program for ripping music from your CDs. EAC - Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

Having purchased an iPod, I want my music available on the go. I needed a program that pulls the information from the CD accurately, and lets me know if it has a problem doing it. I’ve used programs like MusicMatch before, and they do a reasonable job, but they occasionally produce glitches in the output. Thus far, EAC has not produced an MP3 with any problems.

One downside is it doesn’t contain a built-in MP3 encoder. It does contain a good tie-in with one of the better MP3 encoders, namely LAME. It is an Open Source encoder and it’s main page is at sourceforge. The site I have linked to is providing a compiled binary download (i.e. an executable that anyone can use). The official project only provides source code.

To install EAC, first install LAME (unzip the download to a LAME directory). Then install EAC, and EAC will search for a LAME install.

EAC isn’t the most intuitive program to use, but it is very powerful and works very well. It has even been able to read ‘copy protected’ CDs that I have so I was able to get the songs into MP3, and also make a copy for use in the car (I never use originals in the car. Too susceptible to damage or theft).