Evernote - A great information manager



Just read about this software and took a quick look. It is quite impressive.

Evernote (the company) got started with handwriting and image recognition, and have extended this functionality into their information manager. It allows you to create new entries of various types, and define your own note type templates. It will allow capture of web pages, emails and any other screen shots you desire.

The most impressive thing it does is reserved for the pro version ($49.99). The pro version incorporates hand writing recognition and image scanning. So, you can now enter handwritten notes, and it will scan it so you can search through the words.

It will also allow you to write notes in it and it can convert it to text. Draw a picture, and it will tidy it up (i.e. draw a rough circle, and it makes it a perfect circle. Join them with a wiggly line, and it will make it straight).

For pictures, it will scan the picture for writing and index the words. One reviewer uses it to take pictures of wine labels. Then if he wants a Cabernet, he can use Evernote to search for items with Cabernet in the name, and the labels will appear.

For us, this could be very useful for pictures of diagrams on the whiteboard. Take a picture and add it to EverNote. Then if you want to find the diagram, you can search for keywords in it, and quickly find it.

You can categorize something is as many categories as you like, so you don’t have to decide the perfect category for something.

You can also define dynamic categories so that if the item being added meets the filter criteria, it will be added to the dynamic category.

I think it’s well worth checking out (and no, I don’t get a commission off every link ;)