Mercurial Eclipse plug-in news


The company Intland has begun using Mercurial for their own internal development (they produce CodeBeamer as well as other products). They obviously use Eclipse for their development, so they started using the MercurialEclipse plugin, and discovered its shortcomings.

As a result, they devoted a full time developer to creating a fork of MercurialEclipse. They announced the release of RC1 a few days ago, so I decided to install it.

Well, all I can say is ‘Wow!’. MercurialEclipse was ok, but in one release, Intland has taken it to very useable. They’re calling their version HGEclipse to differentiate from MercurialEclipse.

2 big highlights. They synchronize view is now very useful, as it shows uncommitted changes, incoming and outgoing changesets.

They’ve also fixed the history/compare view. Mercurial tracks file copies, but MercurialEclipse would create an error if you tried to compare a file version with the current name to one with the old name.

HGEclipse resolves it correctly, and shows the differences.

This bodes well for the Eclipse plugin for Mercurial, and I look forward to seeing what other things they enhance/fix.