TortoiseHg - The Next Version


It is available from here. From the downloads.

The latest will always be marked as unstable, as it’s still being worked on, but I’ve been using it the past month or so with no issues. Some features are hidden, or have been moved, but the pace of development is very good.

The nicest thing is the integration. Everything can be done from the workbench, and an action flows nicely through a set of dialogs, and ends up at the workbench.

Multiple repositories can also be opened.

An example of the nice touches. This morning, I did a fold. Up pops a dialog with the merged commit message, a list of the patches being folded, and a checkbox to control whether the patch files are kept afterwards. Modify the commit message and press finish. All in one step.

Another major addition is around the patch queue, and its functionality. In the past, if you wanted to move a file from one patch to another, it involved a few obscure, and potentially dangerous commands.

Now, there’s an integrated MQ manager. It allows for easy movement of files from one patch queue to another, but ALSO allows for movement of portions of a file from one changeset to another.

So, if you do a refactor, and then start on other work, but have it in one patch, you can now create 2 patches out of it. Personally, I like to commit refactors and actual new dev work separately, and with the new MQ utility, this is feasible.

Bottom line, if you’re using HG, checkout the new workbench.