Thucydides - What is its focus?


Thucydides isn’t about Browser based functional testing, but I’m not sure that everyone’s aware of that. Hence this entry.

Thucydides is a report generation structure around JUnit tests written using JBehave, EasyB or Java. It provides easy integration of WebDriver to do browser based testing, but that isn’t its primary goal. Its primary goal is to foster communication between developers and their clients. To provide living documentation of their code, and a high-level view into their progress.

This can be applied using browser based functional testing, but another great use would be during development of a service. If one is creating a RESTful API, for example, one would be (I hope) creating integration/functional tests for same. By wrapping these tests in Thucydides, the Thucydides reports could be published as both documentation and examples.

Just something to think about…