Windows 8 - Being productive


How to be productive with Windows 8.

And yes, it’s possible. If you use the keyboard, Win 8 is extremely useful, and they’ve added a number of great features. Scott has done a very good job of showing the details. Mouse is reasonably good, but as anyone who knows me knows, I’m very much a keyboard person ;)

Windows also does a better job of handling multi-monitor than Mac. Gestures and keyboard shortcuts for positioning windows and transferring them between screens. Taskbar appears on both monitors (or not, you decide) as well as being able to bring up the tiles on either monitor. Corners of both monitors respond accordingly.

I’ve had to install a few add-ons to get my Mac working closer to windows in this regard (ShiftIt and BetterTouchTool have helped me in this regard).

The biggest thing STILL missing in Windows is built in SSH. I still don’t understand that one… Otherwise, I’m very happy with Windows 8 (on both of my computers at home).