OSX tips for a Windows User


I’ve used Windows for a very long time, and am very new to OSX. Several features I really grew to like on Windows are missing from OSX, but I’ve discovered ways to remedy this.

The biggest thing is window management on multiple monitors. OSX doesn’t appear to have much built-in for this, especially when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.

An excellent utility for this is the BetterTouchTool. It allows for definition of keyboard shortcuts, gestures and clicks to execute built-in OSX commands, as well as any other key press.

I use it to provide keyboard shortcuts for moving a window between monitors, pushing a window to one side of the screen or another, and for providing a quick middle-click (I use bottom-right click on trackpad for this). This utility is well worth checking out.

The developer has a few other tools as well. You can find links to them from his blog. A tool just for window management, remote control of your Mac from an ios device, and a utility for putting a second menu bar (for multiple monitors).