TortoiseHG on Mac OSX


I’ve recently started using a Mac, but missed 2 tools. I make extensive use of Mercurial, and on Windows or Ubuntu, used TortoiseHG. I haven’t found anything that approaches it’s quality, power or ease of use for interacting with Mercurial repos.

There were instructions to install TortoiseHG, and I was able to follow them, BUT the application wrapping wouldn’t work correctly for me. The only way to run it was from Terminal.

Well, the community has responded, and there’s now a build that creates both a stable and unstable build. The downloads are available from S3 and are proper Mac apps with all dependencies contained internally. No more building from source, and homebrew and various other tools required.

Here’s a link to the Google Group message!topic/thg-dev/StsdthOV3c4

And a copy of the message:


Nightly builds of TortoiseHg for OS X are now available:

Both stable and unstable (i.e. default) are built from the heads of those branches, nightly around 1am Eastern, packaged into app bundles, and uploaded to the above URL. The build scripts are here:

The bundles should run on OS X 10.7 and higher, and do not have any dependencies (which is why they are kinda big).

Thanks to Fog Creek Software for providing the compute and storage resources for this build server.


– Kevin