In defense of Windows 8


I’m a long time Windows user (starting with 95, progressing to 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and now 8). I’ve also used Linux (specifically Ubuntu) and have being using OSX for the last month. So, I have some experience with all the major OS’s in use right now.

Microsoft has been taking a lot of flak for Windows 8, but I’d like to present a counterpoint. I recently read this article ( by someone that I thought was more open-minded. Based on this post, he spent 5 minutes with Windows (with minimal previous Windows experience), and because he can’t find anything, Windows is horrid. If I had taken a similar attitude when starting to use OSX and a Macbook Pro, I would have had a similar reaction.

Where’s my pgup, pdgn, home, end, and insert key? Where’s my proper delete key? Where’s the terminal? How do I change basic settings? How do I move a window to my other monitor (win-shift-right or left-arrow on windows)? How do I move a window to one half of the screen (Win-left or right on Windows)?

Needless to say, none of the OS’s are immediately obvious as to where anything is. If one is going to condemn something, one should at least spend some time with it, or not make any comments.

I especially expected more from the individual above, as the community he created around Lift explicitly requests that one approach Lift with an open mind. When asking for help, don’t immediately say Lift has a bug, but approach it more as an “I’m trying to do something. How do I accomplish this in Lift?”. More likely to get assistance.

I guess he just has a hate on for MS, and after reading a lot of media about Windows 8, decided to go along. Personally, I applaud Microsoft for what they’ve done with Windows 8. Taking a chance by trying something different. Personally, I like it better than Windows 7. I always hated the Start menu anyway, and couldn’t see how anyone used it. I’ve always used search, or pinned items to my start bar. I can still do both of those things in Windows 8, plus it’s tweaked a few things, is faster to start and shutdown, and has a useful Task Manager.

Anyhow, my opinion on this…