Generating Reasonable Test Data


Test data is always an issue. It either takes a lot of effort to create, or it’s all really bad.

Here’s a site that tries to help with this. It allows one to generate data using custom data generators. There are a fair number of good ones, including ones for generating first name, last name, state, date, country, random numbers or alphanumeric that match a pattern, and even using previously generated data to generate new columns.

From the site, you can sample the output. Then, you can donate money, and the creator will give you a login to use the site, or you can clone the code from github and deploy it on your own server.

It provides for logins, and also you can save your data definitions for later reference, re-use or modification.

I suspect I will be using this more and more as I seem to be doing more QA work these days than development work. QA is definitely an expanding field, especially now that automation is becoming the norm rather than the exception.