Mavericks Update


Upgraded to OS X Mavericks. It’s big (so make sure you aren’t on a bandwidth restricted connection, or you may pay big for this upgrade), and took about 50 minutes to get installed.

It uninstalls Apple Java, Flash, and it appears to uninstall maven. Understand the first two, and really don’t understand the last. As some people have commented, both Flash and Apple’s version of Java are security nightmares, and most users won’t notice it’s missing.

For us devs, we likely wouldn’t notice either EXCEPT IntelliJ still insists on running on 1.6, AND seems to look for the Apple version. I didn’t try it with the Oracle 1.6 version installed, but regardless, I’d like to keep 1.6 off my machine if I can. Not yet…

It’s nice to put an app into full screen and not have all secondary monitors gray out. Now, I can keep IntelliJ in fullscreen, and secondary items on my second monitor. The only thing I’ve noticed with multi-monitor is that switching spaces on one monitor causes the currently focused application to move to the other monitor. A bit disconcerting, and obviously unexpected.

It’s really nice to have the menu appear on both monitors. No more having to move all the way to the primary monitor when using something on the secondary monitor.

I’ve noticed that the shortcut for showing hidden files in the open file dialog doesn’t work in all viewing modes. It only appears to work in the single folder view (by the way, the shortcut is Cmd-shift-.). If you’re in the multi-column view, it won’t hide/show hidden files.

Overall, other than the time required, a good upgrade.