Presentations using HTML/CSS3


Have been doing some work with, and investigating implementation using the Python micro-framework Bottle.

In my investigations, came across a presentation that showed this integration with an example. The presentation also used Reveal.js both for the presentation and as part of the demo.

Reveal.js runs in the browser, and has very impressive features. They use the product for the overview on the website, and is well worth skimming through. As it’s all Javascript, custom features, styling and any other customization is available, but they also provide an online editor for creating presentations.

The presenter at Moo used Reveal.js for his presentation, but for the portion of his talk, it was also the demo app. He tied into Reveal.js, and published a version on his website. Attendees could then open that version in their browser, and when he changed slides, all the attendee’s versions advanced to that slide. A very impressive way to demonstrate your talking point, but also an interesting idea for presentations in general.

Tell a client to open their browser to the presentation, and they can follow along. This could also drastically improve remote presentations. A remote person could conference call in, and open the presentation on their machine. When the presenter advances slides, their copy will also advance. No more trying to share desktops, or having to tell people which slide your currently viewing.

That last point needs to be confirmed that it will work, but I believe the presentation enables CORS so that the client machine will accept messages from the presenter. So, the presenter would have to know their IP before publishing the presentation, and would only be able to remote control from that IP. Still an interesting thing to investigate.