Have we learned anything in the Software Development Industry in the last 30 years?


This book (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2383920.Software_Reliability) was tweeted about recently. It was written in 1976.

The review by Steve Losh is well worth reading. It was at the top the last time I looked.

The depressing/frustrating part is that a lot of the lessons/issues listed here are STILL relevant… We haven’t learned much in this industry in 30+ years. Too much chasing the latest/greatest, and ignoring the past as irrelevant and ancient history…

And for anyone that thought VM’s and Hypervisors are ‘new’, they were being used before this book was written. We’re just going in circles, but with everything looking better.

Are you doing your part to make things genuinely better?

Twitter reference: https://twitter.com/stevelosh/status/434543430987812866