Welcome to my collection of things I either don’t want to forget or things I wanted to write about.

I’m a software developer and have been in the industry for 20+years. By day, I’m a Java/Kotlin developer, converting a monolith to micro services. By night, I’m learning some new technology to keep my skills sharp.

I’m a strong advocate of IntelliJ and Kotlin, although I have no ties to Jetbrains.

Learn the core tools you use everyday. Version Control, IDE/Editor, OS. Spend time determining how to best work with them, and it will serve you throughout your career.

Learn current technology more Just-In-Time. If you aren’t using it right now, it will be different when/if you do use it. Know what’s out there, but surface skim.

Don’t neglect the rest of your life. Do things other than technology. Eat well, live well. A great book about this is https://www.manning.com/books/soft-skills.

Technology, and writing code is a small portion of the job. Communication skills will serve you well everywhere in your life.